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Speaker Program

The Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy maintains a Speakers Bureau of Americans and local staff in the Philippines who are prepared to speak to audiences on a variety of topics. Topics range from the nature of diplomacy, U.S. society and its values, U.S. trade efforts and economic issues, education in the U.S., and visa issues. The U.S. Embassy may also invite speakers from the United States to discuss topic of special interest to audience.  The centuries-old conflicts in Mindanao are partly shaped by religious undertone. The U.S. Embassy is well aware that its support to the Philippine government in finding  sustainable peace in the region is beneficial to the diverse faiths of Mindanaons. Through the Speaker program, influential religious leaders from the United States are invited to speak on interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution. It is envisioned that the speakers invited will help shape the attitudes of young people from all faiths in Mindanao and plant the seeds of interfaith understanding and cooperation fundamental to stopping the cycles of retribution that broaden the divide between communities of different faiths, which lead to violence and destruction rather than development and reconciliation. The following speakers were invited in the past: